• Full-time and part-time child-care services, and summer programming. 
  • Child must be between 2 ½ and 4 years old.
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We are delighted to help your child discover the joy of learning through self-directed play and exploration.  We encourage each child to develop socially through their daily interactions with their peers and their educators. Our goal is to nurture each child’s interests and French language abilities, allowing a smooth and happy transition to kindergarten.We welcome the partnership and suggestions of each parent, as they play such an important role in their child’s educational journey.

Daily activities take place to encourage the children’s development in five specific areas:  motor skills (sit, walk, run, jump, etc), fine motor skills (write, cut, etc), cognitive skills (intelligence, learning, etc), language (words, phrases, understanding) and social skills (peer to peer and adult interactions).

We also offer special programming at various times throughout the year.

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