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Garderie Rayon de Soleil’s curriculum is based on the interests demonstrated by the children on a daily basis.   Our activities and interventions are in line with the child’s development and will ultimately allow the child to progress in his or her learning journey.

Our activities include arts,  dramatic plays, story time, culinary activities, scientific experiments, cognitive games, indoor and outdoor group based activities and several other activities that will allow each child to further explore and learn through learning via playful activities.

We favour the child’s progression rather than the end result. As such, each child is free to create and explore as they wish, at their own rhythm.

For our pre-schoolers (Moumoutes), the daily schedule will include self-directed type activities, to encourage the building of autonomy, initiative and collaboration skills, as well as supervised activities which will hone on the development of specific skills.

schoolsoutDaily activities take place to encourage the children’s development in five specific areas:  motor skills (sit, walk, run, jump, etc), fine motor skills (write, cut, etc), cognitive skills (intelligence, learning, etc), language (words, phrases, understanding) and social skills (peer to peer and adult interactions).



Our school aged children (4 to 12 years old) actively participate in the activity choices.   Our curriculum is prepared to develop and stimulate team spirit, collaboration, creativity and initiative.

All of our programs are compliant and recognized by the Ministry of Education, and in line with Ontario Day Care Act.  In addition,   our programs are reviewed yearly by a Ministry of Education consultant, Public Health and the City of Toronto Fire Department, in order to renew our operating permit. In line with the legislation, we hire personnel duly registered as Early Childhood Educators, in order to meet the regulated children / educator ratio in all of our programs.